Monday, August 12, 2013

Dance Out the Days in Your Favorite Festival Look

Want to reboot your festival looks? 
Be a showstopper at festivals before summer goes away. 
Choose your best mates for a summer to remember.


From eyelet dresses to floral dresses, you have more than enough to choose from! 
If you want to look cute, try a minimalistic dress that comes down to about mid thigh.
 If you're into more rebellious look, go for a see-through dress. 
The last touch would be putting your walker's boots on! 

Plaid Shirts 

This is a must have item if you plan to stay late (depends on your physical capacity). 
 Wrap it around your waist during the day and put it back on when the air becomes cool.
Oh how so practical! 

Denim Shorts & Items 

Denim shorts can’t go wrong. 
They’re comfy. You can  rock in it for hours and hours. 
If you want to be free of thick denim weight, 
go for lighter mixed denim such as cotton span denim. 

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