Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Looking Hot in Red this Valentine's Day

Let’s admit it. Sometimes we need an excuse to glam ourselves a bit. This explains why many women look forward to Valentine’s Day and invest a quite amount of time and efforts into the big Valentine’s Day date according to the report by Beauty Research. Valentine's Day is just around the corner and if you’re still undecided about what to wear, rock yourself in RED. It is the color of fire, passion, desire and love. What a perfect day to celebrate with loved ones. in red.  

Red is a very emotionally intense color. It enhances human metabolism, increases respiratory rate, and raises blood pressure. For this day of romance, glam up in red and keep your loved ones on the edge of their seat.

If You're Planning a Formal Night Out...

Did you know that red dress accentuates your curve? If you have an hourglass body type, dare to show off your voluptuousness in your perfect little red dress


If You're Planning Casual Date... 

For those who like to dress casual (yes, some ladies end up looking too dolled up) or plan to enjoy the night with your friends, keep your casual stye. But don't forget to add one red item! Let it be your blazer, scarf, shoes, nails, or even lipstick. You'll be amazed at how one single red item can reinvigorate your look.

Could've been dull but the vivid colored scarf just gave a life to this look

White and red are complimentary as white helps to emphasize the liveliness of red while adding femininity


Who would have thought a red leather skirt would look this cute?

Lim's Choice for Valentine's Day... 

I've been a fan of red for as long as I can remember, so I do have a number of red items in my closet. For Valentine's Day, my dress code is 'casual' as I'm planning to go out with my girlfriends and . I'll go denim on denim with a red purse and killer pumps. 

Happy Valentine's Day! 


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