Sunday, January 27, 2013

Empower Your Neck

You don’t need to change the entire wardrobe to look good. Get the right statement necklace. From bold bohemian accents to fluorescent neon, the collection of necklace is just getting juicier. A slight touch of empowerment around your neck can upgrade your style. There are so many yummy choices! New material and new color combinations are just dazzling.

Haute Casual

Playing with street wear and haute necklace is one way to make your statement. Keep that cool balance between street chic and haute luxury. And Miroslave Duma does it just right.

Use necklace power to show off your boldness
Keep the contrast between simplicity and boldness
If you're a beginner in Jewelry101, start with gold. It's safe and can't go wrong  

If you have a strong pattern, play with some colors


Play with shades:black fur coat, navy metal necklace and light denim shirt

Give your t-shirt some respect

Tone down the look by adding gold fringe
  And you can't leave Audrey Hepburn out when it comes to jewelry style
See how she matched her oversized classic sunglasses with the centerpiece necklace?
Do you have your statement necklace?


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